Post date: Feb 11, 2018 10:23:52 PM

"Therefore I will not refrain my mouth;

I will speak in the anguish of my spirit;

I will complain in the bitterness of my soul."

~Job 7:11

A tornado swept through Joplin, Missouri, in May of 2011. A husband and wife took cover in the bathroom tub. The husband covered his wife with his body. He died, and she lived because of his love for her. She dealt with her sorrow for over a year, but then realized that even on that worst day, she was loved. "Worst days" come to everyone, even those who are children of God. Job is a good example. In one day, he saw everything in his life taken away. All ten children were killed, he lost all that he owned, and even suffered the worse case of boils that a person could have. You can understand why he said what he said in the verse above. Simply put, Job was asking, "Why?"

His wife told him to curse God and die. His so-called friends accused him of sinning, and believed that he deserved what he was getting. It's no wonder the reason Job was asking, "Why?" God spoke to Job and assured him of His control of matters, and Job trusted the Lord. God never answered the "Why?"

Our Lord may never answer all of our "Why's?", BUT, praise His wonderful name. Even on our worst days we can know for sure that we are loved by Him!

February 11, 2018

From Your Friend & Pastor,

James H. Baker, Proverbs 3: 5-6