Revival with Bro. Eddie Davis!

Post date: Jan 21, 2014 10:47:28 PM

We are having a great time with Bro. Eddie Davis! The preaching has been exactly what we needed, and the special singing has been great! We are putting the services online for you to watch! We will post them below as soon as they are up!

Monday - "The Importance of Not Forgetting What God Has Done" Watch now!

Our first night in revival with our guest preacher, Brother Eddie Davis. My, My, what a service! God sent in a good crowd of folks. We had 4 preachers in attendance along with many other visitors. Our church choir sang once again with God's special touch. Brother Tommy Lamb sang a song he had written entitled "Why Preach?" The song had a great message in it. Right before the message, we sang that great old hymn, "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus." What a blessing it was to see so many wiping tears from their faces as they sang the song. We were reminded once again about how much he cares for us.

The message for the night came from the Gospel of Mark 6: 45-52. Verse 52 was his keynote verse, "For they considered not the miracle of the loaves; for their heart was hardened," His message dealt with the idea of not allowing your heart to become spiritually hardened. Many times in the storms of life, if you are not careful, you will forget previous blessings and allow your storm to harden you spiritually. He likened the boat to the church with Christ as its captain. What a great message! Many gathered at the altar during the invitation.

After the service, Brother Davis shared with me that in the 19 years he has been with us, he felt the touch of God in the service like never before. For all this, we humbly give the Lord Jesus all the honor and praise. If you live in the area and are looking for a good church, you need to visit Welch Creek Baptist Church. Simply put, we are nothing more than a family of sinners saved by grace. Why don't you come and join the family. ~Pastor Baker

Tuesday - "Victory In Jesus" Watch now!!

Tuesday's service was really special again. The church house was full. We had six visiting preachers in the service along with a host of other visitors. What a great honor it is to always have some folks visiting with us. The singing in the service laid out the carpet for the preaching of God’s Word. It was especially good to have Brother... and Mrs. Bardcausky, missionaries to Trinidad sing for us.

Our guest preacher, Eddie Davis, preached on the subject of “Our Victory in Jesus.” What rejoicing we had as he took us on a journey to let us see the position and power we have in our Lord Jesus. The sweet Holy Spirit touched many in the service as the altar had many gathered at the invitation time.

Wednesday- "GPS- God's Positioning System" Watch now!!

Wednesday's revival service was another great service. Following a delicious supper in the church’s dining hall, we met in the auditorium for some great singing and powerful preaching. The crowd was not as large as Monday and Tuesday, but the Spirit of God once again had His way in the service. Brother Davis brought a message from Proverbs 3:5-8. His aim was to persuade us to ...make sure that we never follow our own understanding, but instead acknowledge the Lord, who has promised to guide us in all paths of life. Once again, many gathered at the altar to do business with God.

Thursday- "One Dark Night In Egypt" Watch now!

Our last night of scheduled revival serive, What a service! The singing by the choir & the specials were wonderful, and so was the message! We will be praying for Brother Eddie in the days ahead, that God will bless him and the church he has taken in Tennessee. We hope to have him back soon!

Thank you for watching the services online! If you should have any problems, questions, or comments feel free to contact us here.