"The Hypocrite's Hope"

Post date: Apr 29, 2018 8:04:11 PM

"And the hypocrite's hope shall perish." ~ Job 8:13

In Matthew chapter 23, Jesus uses the word "hypocrite" to describe the religious rulers of his day. These were spiritually blind leading the blind. These blind leaders and followers had their assumed hope in what they could do in regards to the law of God. These leaders and followers wore their masks really well. Just like many today, they went about their daily lives using religious words and expressions that made them look and sound spiritual. Hypocrites claim to be something they are not, and to have something that they do not possess. The hypocrite's greatest enemy is self and the assumed traits that compromise their false testimony.

Judas wore his mask extremely well, for awhile. Jesus said that he was a devil from the beginning. Jesus also speaks of the hypocrites in Matthew 7: 22-23. In spite of all their good works mentioned, Jesus says to them, "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

Are you wearing a mask? So you have others and yourself fooled into believing that you are really saved? According to Job 8:13, your hope will perish. Before it's too late, take off that religious mask and ask God to forgive you, and to come into your heart. By doing so, you receive a "sure" and "blessed" hope which comes with salvation. Don't live another day wearing a mask.

March 18th, 2018

From Your Friend & Pastor,

James H. Baker, Proverbs 3: 5-6