We are so excited to see our new interactive missions map up and working! Check it out below!

We are a Missions active and Missions minded church. We support missions around the world.
The sun does not go down with out touching some country that we are a part of a missions work.
These are the missions works that we support.

Welch Creek Baptist Church's Mission's Map

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Missionary NameLocation
Missionary NameLocation
Alberto Davilus Haiti 
Allen Johnson US 
Benny Beckum US 
Bill Haag Evangelist 
Bill Henderson Guam 
Bill Pittsenbarger US 
Bob Ford  
Brian McLain Thailand 
Carl Vonnoh Director 
Charles Russell US 
Chris DiGiacomo Boston 
Christian Law Association Florida, US 
Chris Waye Ukraine 
Courtney Godsoe Philippines 
Crossroads Rescue Mission (Men's Home) Shelby, NC, US 
Curtis Couch Chile 
Dan Hummel  
Daniel Canavan Ireland 
Daniel Jordan Montana, US 
Darrell Truell Dominican Republic 
Darrell Weaver US 
David Diamante Philippines 
David Gibbs CLA 
David Harrison US 
David Parks Germany 
David Valazquez Spain 
Desert Place Haven of Rest (Preacher's Retreat) Tennessee, US 
Doug Hummell (Beacon of Truth) Florence, SC 
Duain Whittemore US 
Dwight Martin Mexico 
Earl Kilpatrick Mexico 
Earl Malpass Alaska 
Edgar Feghaly Palestine 
Emmanuael Rodriguz Puerto Rico 
Ernie Moore Israel 
Fellowship Tract League US 
Frank Dibagno Italy 
Frank Kinsey Costa Rica 
Georg Kungu Kenya 
Glen Hohmann Native Americans 
Harman Rutledge Thailand 
Henry Hatchell US 
Jacob Taube Russia 
Jason Thomas Mexico 
Jeff Kronz St. Stephen, SC 
Jerry Mullendore Europe 
Jim Wilhelm Romania 
John & Diane Barr US 
Kevin White Bolivia 
Lacy Wheeler Mexico 
Lance Neal US 
Lane Jones Philippines 
Lewis Gunthrie New Guinea 
Lisa Lewis Togo, W. Africa 
Morris Sherlin Montana 
Nick Sorrell Sri Lanka 
Olen King Virginia, US 
Patrick Hayes Military 
Paul Lint Church Planting 
Paul Morrow Guatemala 
Paul Taube India 
Peter Morris Kenya 
Rachel Hughes Ukraine 
Randall Jordan Italy 
Regeneration Reservation Arizona, US 
Ronnie Millinax China 
Ronnie Tabb Canada 
Ronny Walker Ghana 
Shelby Morrison India 
Sid Messer Ecuador 
Solomon Owolabi Nigeria 
Sonny & Beverly Fritz Mexico 
Stephen Hygema Mexico 
Stephen Shepp American Indians 
Steve Stone Canada 
Tabernacle Children's Home Greenville, SC 
The Galyeans Philippines 
The Kirkmans Utah, US 
Timothy Owen Philippines 
Tom Lancaster Europe 
Victorious Valley Home (Children's Home) US 
Wayne McCray Germany 
Wes Gazaway Egypt 
Wesley Hutchens US 
Showing 85 items