Camp Meeting 2015

Wow what a meeting! Every message helped us tremendously. We will be posting more about the services soon. 

Here is a link to the services that are uploaded:

These services have just been uploaded. Titles of preachers and messages have not been added yet**

Church Camp Meeting Schedule & Directions 2015

Camp Meeting is quickly upon us once again! We are thrilled to be able to host the 26th LowCountry Camp Meeting!
Camp Meeting 2015We are praying for the Lord's help and  guidance  as  we  plan  and prepare over the next couple of weeks! We have started a challenge: We need your support in the Camp Meeting! We need your prayers!! We are challenging everyone to pray for the meeting every day! Will you accept the challenge?? Invite your friends to take the challenge! 
#CampMeeting2015 #ChallengeAccepted

We will be live streaming this year! We were able to last year, but we used a "free" provider which caused us to have ads. (We apologize for that!) We now have a better camera, a faster computer and a pretty awesome mixing software! We have a dedicated website for our live streaming. Save the link: 
Click to visit WCBC Live!
We  are  praying  that  everything  will  work  out  smoothly  with  our  audio  and  video equipment! Please remember this matter as you help pray for Camp Meeting! It's one of 
the many important things that we need to run smoothly! We will start streams a few minutes before each service. We will be posting the exact service times of when we will be "Live" on here as well as on our WCBC Live Website.  Thank  you  for  your  prayers!


Welch Creek Baptist Church